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Reading Notes: 7 Secrets of the Goddess, Part B

Gaia's Secret 1.3-1.4 This is a painting of Adam and Eve at the apple tree.  Source: Saving Adam
Rural cultures valued fertility, and urban cultures valued obediance because it indicated control and discipline. Fertility is rooted in women and men were the enforcers of obediance. Yin and yang can be seen as two separate forces working together to create life. Yang is the masculine and yin is feminine. A patriarchal society links women with nature and men with culture, like culture domesticates nature, men are asked to domesticate women. This is explict in many epics and mythology, often ending in peace and order for the world, but at the suffering of women. 
There are battles of the sexes in Japanese mythology. There is a story about how we got night and day times about a brother and a sister. The sister was a sun goddess and the brother was the moon god. The brother picked a fight with the earth goddess resulting in the division between day and night. 
There is the reoccuring th…

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