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Reading Notes: PDE Mahabrahata Part A

Vyasa and Ganesha
by John Mandeville Macfie (1921)

This story starts out talking about Vyasa wanting to find someone to write down his stories, but he didn't see any human being as fit to transcribe for him. Brahma told him that Ganesha would write for him, and Ganesha agreed with the condition that he told the Mahabrahata straight through without stopping.
After this, Vyasa begins his birth story. His grandfather, King Uparichara, was given a flying crystal car, and while driving it over the river, some of his semen fell out into a river. A fish in the river ate the semen and became pregnant. After 10 months, a fisherman caught the fish and along came two children, a boy and a girl. The fisherman brought the kids to the King, and he kept the boy but told the fisherman to keep the girl. Satyavati was described as beautiful but smelled "fishy". She spent her time helping the fisherman on the river. While travelling on the river, she meets rishi Parashara, who convinces he…

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