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Week 8 Progress

This semester has been an exteremly trying one with switching between medications, family medical problems, car troubles, work issues, along with the recent death of my sweet old kitty Meg. Given all of these circumstances, I am glad that I've had any motivation at all for school. Normally, I'd completely drop off of the map, but I've managed to at least work on my storybook project every week consistently.

That being said, I absolutely need to catch up now that things are (hopefully) going to be calming down. Even though I haven't completed very many of the story retelling assignments, I think those are my favorite assignments that I've done in this class. It really challenges me, but it is also a lot of fun to recreate a classic Indian Epic. I think the extra credit I do most frequently are the microfictions. They are a lot of fun and offer the creativity and freedom I value the most in this course. 
Going forward, I will need to complete all of my weekly assignm…

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